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In an effort to enrich our HRACO membership benefits, yet also stay true to the HRACO mission, organizations with a HRACO membership may submit Human Resource job postings to the HRACO website at no cost. Non HRACO members may post Human Resource jobs for a minimal fee of $25.00. Our HRACO Chapter is 100% SHRM affiliated which means your HRACO membership is also a membership to SHRM. There are many benefits of being a HRACO/SHRM member. Please visit our Membership section to learn about our member benefits. Please follow the instructions below to submit a job posting:

How to Post a Human Resource job:

An organization may submit Human Resource job postings to the HRACO website. Every effort will be made to post these job listings on the website within 48 hours upon confirmation of HRACO membership or payment. Job postings will remain for a period of 60 days. 

Non-members will need to click on the "Purchase Job Advertisement" button below before completing the form. 

Please complete the form that follows, paying specific attention to:

  1. When filling out your email address, please use the same address used to purchase the job advertisement.

  2. The job posting must state the position title, a brief description of the job requirements, and a list of minimum qualifications.  Additional information should include location of position, a contact person with mailing address, fax number or e-mail address for direct ad response. 

Notification of the Job Posting: Once the posting form is submitted, it will be reviewed and approved for posting by the HRACO Webmaster.


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